Earl Mayan, artist, illustrator, and teacher.  Biographical information.

Shane (1949), Houghton Mifflin, cover.  The cover art of Shane remained the same for 30 years.

Washington's America (1961), G&D, cover

Lincoln's America (1961), G&D, cover

Roosevelt's America (1962), G&D, cover

Monster Museum (1965), Random House, cover and interior

Twilight Zone (1963), G&D, cover and interior

Twilight Zone Revisited (1964), G&D, cover and interior

Churchill's England (1963), G&D, cover

Andersen's Fairy Tales (1963), G&D, cover

The Jungle Book (1963), G&D, cover and interior

Captains Courageous (1963), Airmont Books, cover

RD Condensed Books, The Cincinnati Kid, Volume 56, Winter, 1964

RD Condensed Books, The Hand of Mary Constable, Volume 57, Spring, 1964

A Little Princess (1964 and 65), G&D

RD Condensed Books, Night of Camp David, Volume 62, Summer, 1965

The Little Lame Prince (1965), G&D, cover and interior

Ben-Gurion's Israel (1965), G&D, cover

Just So Stories (1965), G&D, cover and interior

The Poor Little Rich Girl (1966), G&D, cover

The Scarlet Pimpernel (1966), Airmont Books, cover

The Story of President Kennedy (1966), G&D, cover

The Story of Jacqueline Kennedy (1967), G&D, cover

Black Beauty (1967), Airmont Books, cover

Masters of Art (1967), G&D, cover and interior

The House on the Brink (1971), Harper & Row